What we do?

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  1. Data backup Management
  2. Server Management
  3. Application Build Service
  4. Workstation Build & Deployment
  5. Documentation & IT Asset Audit
  6. Server Maintenance Agreement
  7. Consulting Service
  8. Office 365 Consultancy
  9. Server Virtualization
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Cloud Solutions

You must consider Cloud. Managed cloud services allow you to efficiently scale your business without the costly outlay of onsite IT infrastructure. We are experts across all O365 cloud applications including software as a service (SaaS), secure file storage and Data Centre Management of your web based data applications.

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Consulting Services

In a business unit, information of and towards management is of vital importance to its performance. Having been in operation for over 25 years, we have the experience to provide strategic IT consulting services that ensure your IT solution provides a return on investment in the shortest possible time-frame.

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About Us

C365P IT has been providing IT Support to businesses for over 25 years. We understand our clients, their business needs and the daily challenges they are facing. Our objectives are simple, that we want to work with our clients in a partnership, providing assistance on an ongoing base from the strategy through to operational phases of the IT lifecycle.

It is through this understanding that all businesses are uniquely different, having different IT infrastructure platforms, support needs and very different IT requirements, which is why  C365P IT has created a platform to help overcome these hurdles.

By anticipating your needs that allows us to create a proactive plan for hardware maintenance, software updates and preventing potential problems before they occur.


Our Values

Technical Knowledge - We pride ourselves on the depth of technical knowledge of all of the people. Our staff holds a range of current Microsoft technical certifications. This ensures our advice is accurate and realistic advice you can rely on.

Focus - We only work with small IT Infrastructure environments and because that's all we do each day, we're good at it. This turns into quality results for you.

We have the experience - We have been in this industry for over 25 years. Our knowledge is a combination of formal training and real-life experience. Things don’t always go to plan and its this experience that allows us to be agile and innovative, to bring you the result that you expect.


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